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Weight loss with Intensity

Have you been trying to lose weight by exercising and not making any progress? You may need to take this tip easy at first, but (pending your physician’s approval and your own common sense) I suggest that you start doing a series … Continue reading

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Simple Diet and Detox Recommendations

I invite you to please leave one of your favorite simple dietary suggestions or detoxification tips in comments to help others who visit this post. If you are in a LinkedIn group, in order that the suggestions are centralized, I would also ask … Continue reading

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Dr. Fung and Herbal Soup Recipes

Today I’ve got a couple of Chinese soup recipes for you that are from the book “Sixty Years In the Search of Cures” (1994) by Dr. Fung Fung & his son, John Fung. In 2002, when I first met Dr … Continue reading

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Milk Thistle – from The Antioxident Cookbook

Author’s Note: With the focus on the need to keep our liver, the major organ used in daily detoxification of our blood, in a healthy state, I wanted to share this bit of research information about a powerful herb commonly … Continue reading

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GINGER – from the Antioxident Cookbook

Writer’s Note: Back to basics after last week’s lesson on how happiness plays an important role in your daily detoxification. But just to follow up with  one more idea. Your track to happiness should include what will bring it long … Continue reading

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*”CHEMOTHERAPY: POISONING CANCER (and you)” from “Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients” (Blaylock). I could have titled this “Additional tools for your first oncologist meeting.” Writer’s note: This subject is often something you don’t follow unless you’ve had a bout of cancer … Continue reading

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Where Health and Leadership cross paths Part 2

Writer’s note: If this one sounds familiar, it is another post from my archive, but it is also a follow up from last week’s post on the relationship between detox and leadership. The article below was originally titled, “Courage in … Continue reading

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