Simple Diet Strategies: The 80-20

More simple diet strategies for your better health.

Let’s see how your current eating habits stack up against this recommendation from Alejandro Junger’s book “Clean Gut” (2013).

Basic Principle – The 80-20 Diet

Fill 80 percent of your plate with greens and vegetables (raw, steamed, baked, cooked) and 20 percent with protein and good fats (meat, fish, avocado, etc).

There is no need to count calories.

Simple so far? No comedians now, don’t you get this thing backwards.

One way to picture 80%-20% is 12 minutes on a clock (let’s round it down to 10 minutes). Fill 50 minutes up with the greens and veggies and the remaining 10 minutes with the meat and good fats.

Follow up this with important rule:
“Stop eating when your are 80% full.”

The basic reason to not overeat is so your body doesn’t start producing toxins due to food rotting inside you instead of being digested properly. Yeast and fungus infections are more apt to be created with chronic overeaters.

Yes, and every time we start dilly dallying with chronic  toxin, irritation, and inflammation, we’re talking about precursors to a pro cancer scenario. So following this bit of advice can help avoid the danger in this regard.

One of the key focuses of “Clean Gut” is to improve the performance of your digestive tract. While there are many details for an advanced dieter, I want you to get started into a simple discipline, something you can maintain, sustain and be free-of-pain.

Stop treating your billion dollar sports car like a dump truck.

That’s right, if some rich dude had to pay some genius to make you, he would not have enough money to create something so beautifully created as you are. Yes, you, a masterfully created being with or without the bad eating habits. Start treating yourself like you were meant to be.

Please review my other posts for simple concepts that you can employ now to get started on your own revolution of positive change.

And have you started your 2 cups of fresh clean delicious water first thing in the morning? And, by the way, the basic rule for daily water consumption is half your weight in ounces daily.

Please leave a comment if you’ve got one. I would enjoy hearing from you.

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4 Responses to Simple Diet Strategies: The 80-20

  1. Do you think weight loss goals can still be achieved with the 80/20 rule? I ask because most trainers emphasize protein, protein, protein! I really enjoy your posts.

    • challenyee says:

      Hi Erika, I do think each person can be assessed on an individual basis, though protein, or having adequate protein is absolutely critical. The quality of a protein source should be considered. For example, if someone is tipping the scales with too many triglycerides, getting more protein from vegetable, nuts and legumes may be wise, even the use of some selected protein powders may be helpful to minimize the “bad fat.” Thanks for your question. BTW, Too much protein can cause extra burden on the kidneys and undigested proteins, for example, glutens, can cause digestive tract problems.

      • Ok, thanks! That helped to answer my question. I’ll be sure to keep the source of the protein in mind.

      • challenyee says:

        A couple more thoughts, when people get their protein from too much meat, that often results in undigested food traveling in through the gut which will cause a myriad of problems. Having said that, the choice use of meat is important in most diets as, especially red meat, is a rich source of a certain type of protein unlike no other protein source. Long story short, the body needs to have all amino acids to run correctly, not all are easily obtain through random selects of non-meat sources.

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