Trouble complying with your plan?

What determines your successful compliance with a plan, whether it be a diet plan or otherwise, is your perceived benefit versus your perceived sacrifice.

Do you understand the benefits?

Do you believe the benefits outweigh (no pun intended) what you will need to sacrifice in order to follow through with a well thought out and balanced plan?

There are two common obstacles that each of us needs to contend with: change and indecision.



We often believe it is easy not to change, when in fact change is inevitable. The question is, are you going to change for the better or change for the worse? Will your current habits lead to better health or worse?
Business teacher and mentor Jim Rohn gave a simple story to highlight the problems due to poor judgment which I will paraphrase.

"Jim Rohn - America's Foremost Business Philosopher"

“Jim Rohn – America’s Foremost Business Philosopher”

You’ve heard of the apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Well, what if that is true and you don’t do it? What if you ate a candy bar a day and thought ‘I don’t feel ill so it must be okay’ and then continue to do that instead of an apple?” Jim continues, “You’ve got to be brighter than that, you’ve got to get out of the First Grade!… The reason they make those 1st Grade desks so small is so you can’t fit in them when you’ve 25!”


Another issue we often face is indecision. We are afraid to go where there is uncertainty, when instead we choose the “security” of what is known.

Could it be that the real problem that you are afraid of failure?

Could it be that you feel undeserving of some great beneficial change?

Are you afraid to change not to make others feel uncomfortable with your success?

Mindset is not only for businessmen, athletes, and entrepreneurs.

Jim Rohn taught, “Indecision is the thief of [your] opportunity.”


The Real Benefits

This hooks back to my original suggestion of perceived benefits and I hope this may help you connect the last dot or at least bring you one dot closer to empowering you, to help you make a decision to make a positive change for your health and for your life.

Your indecision to make a change could very well be that you do not have a big enough vision for you ultimate success. Stop thinking small. Small goals aren’t worth it and are easy to blow off. Small goals do not matter, if they are your end game. If you perceive the benefits as small you will sabotage a big opportunity by making it small!

You may ask, “I want to lose weight.  Shouldn’t that be my goal?”
I will say, “No, that is not good enough.”

You may then ask, “I want to have better health. Is that a good goal?”
I will say, “No. You will not succeed. You’ll give up as soon as you go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.”

Then you will ask, “What are you driving at?”

And I will answer, “Understand how your life will change as a result of having more energy, getting off or decreasing the use of drugs, and getting more from your life. Know how people will be amazed at the new you and how you will have confidence in yourself.
People will notice…
People will respect your accomplishment, maybe even admire your good looks and new vitality… wishing they could do what you did!
And your life will change once you realize much more is in your control than you now believe.”

After a pause, I will ask you, “Aren’t you going to enjoy your new self?”


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