Med toxicity level: Get help from Epocrates

You’ve heard how taking drugs can add to your daily toxicity, right?

The questions are, “How much toxicity?” and “what are the known effects?”

I found this helpful link from Gerald Roliz, CNC, in his book “The Pharmaceutical Myth”  (2013).

image credit/source:

image credit/source:

Here’s a way you can quickly find out in pretty precise terms how much a specific drug will cause stress on your body. You can also look up the adverse effects.

Go to

It is a site where you can get all kinds of info about drug safety.

You will need to do the simple and free registration process. If you are not a practitioner, you can sign up as “student-other”.

After signing up, search under the tab “DRUGS” and type in your drug of choice.

Look at the specific information listed under “Safety/Pharmacology” and listed by “Excretion” you can find the percentage of the drug is passed through your system either through the “bile”, which indicates how much stress your liver endures to filter out the drug, or “urine” which indicates how much stress your kidneys will go through just to eliminate one drug. What if you are taking 3, how about a regimen of 10?

For example Tylenol a pretty common drug, passes through 5-10% unchanged through the urine (kidney). This is evidence why this drug puts your liver under a lot of stress.

As you know, working on a problem is not free, it accumulates like the tax forms that are stacking up on your desk now.

Also keep in mind, this is only one aspect of how a drug stresses your body.

For more interesting facts, lookup “Adverse Reactions” and you will find that for every combination of drugs you can have an increased risk an existing reaction or possibly a new one. Everything is actually pretty well documented, you have to start asking yourself,   “What is the real benefit?”

Fun, huh?

If you’ve successfully weaned yourself of a drug, I’d like read your comments on your experience and others would also.

I hope you get some value from this, if not at least be more aware of how you can be putting your body’s natural defenses under load.

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  1. Thanks Challen! Your posts are always so informative.

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