“BuckBuck” Redefined

The definition of “BuckBuck” grows!

When I started this blog a couple of months ago, my first post had to do with the ideal bowel movement and I explained how “buck-buck” is a pet term our family has used since forever to refer to a bowel movement or the resulting fecal matter.

In the process of developing this blog and posting on a somewhat diverse array of topics, I started thinking of “buck-buck” in broader terms, associating it with toxic matter that ought to be excreted or otherwise released from the body in many realms: physical, mental, and spiritual.

Now I’ve further transformed the meaning to include bad influences in our lives that most of us would do better without.

Here are some suggested applications for using “BuckBuck” in your everyday life:

Go buckbuck regularly for a healthy body.

Positive thoughts are necessary to overcome buckbuck of the mind.

Pursue your dreams by rising above the buckbuck of life.

Alternately, perhaps your best friend just completed an outstanding research paper on the warp drive and its effect on the intergalactic proliferation of Big Macs and Lawn Bowling, you could remark, “Wow dude, that’s some really good buckbuck.”

Lastly, if that last batch of beer spirited chili you just made really hit the spot, you could always say, “Man, that is some of the best buckbuck I have ever tasted!”


As my concept of “buckbuck” has changed, so has my understanding of how I ought to be blogging. I realize each blog needs to be focused in order to provide value for a specific interested group.

When I decide which theme to go with to launch my next blog and how I’ll need to use this blog, I’ll let you know . Whichever theme I choose for the next one, I believe it will have a strong emphasis on career, leadership and personal development.

In the meantime, I should let you know I am going to go reduce the frequency of my posts to weekly.  While the next blog will likely be daily.

I appreciate your readership of this little blog. Whether you clicked “follow” or “like” on one of my posts or have just remained anonymous and picked up something you believe is useful or entertaining, thanks.


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