Neat Things about Acupuncture – Stroke Treatment

One of the treatment options not well know among the public is how acupuncture can aid in recovery from stroke.

The most effective time to treat someone who has suffered stroke conditions is a soon as possible, meaning within hours or at least within a few days. Another window that has exhibited increased odds of recovery is up to a two months.

The common treatment protocol is strong electro-stimulation to selected points along the scalp to help regulate blood flow in the affect regions.

As part of physical therapy, acupuncture can also be used to improve blood flow in affect limbs while providing feedback to the brain region via the
“meridians” or “channels” associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine science.

In a recent discussion on the subject over dinner with a senior colleague, she mentioned that even the hemorrhagic type stroke can be treated due to the regulatory effects of acupuncture.

In my own experience, I have had the opportunity to treat stroke patients who suffered from occlusions, but not before a few months when the condition was more established. Nevertheless, there was still some noticeable range  and voluntary motion improvements and continued treatment could still yield positive results.

Herbal decoctions can and are often prescribed in bulk, powder or pill form in conjunction with acupuncture to help improve blood flow as part of a gentler holistic approach in effort to resolve the condition.

Before engaging in any treatment, please consult with your primary physician.


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Blogger’s Note:  Acupuncture can also be used to detoxify by helping regulate body functions used to eliminate and process toxins. If you are a student studying for the State or National Boards , please consult your textbooks for official answers!


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