What  bad habit is toxifying your life?

What better way to detoxify your life and your health than by getting rid of a bad habit and replacing it with a good one!

In Dr. Michael Murray’s book “How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine” he writes about developing the “Anti-Cancer” Personality.

In that chapter he goes into the importance of having a positive mental attitude, being optimistic, asking yourself better questions (not being so down on yourself), setting positive goals, dealing with stress, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle which involves not smoking, regular exercise, and adequate sleep.

Overall he outlines an outstanding strategy on how to be a better person while improving your health.

He also goes into “Ten Tips to Stop Smoking” which I believe can be used as an template to kick most bad habits.

I am going take his list and make it generic for whatever bad habit you need to kick.



1) List all the reason you want to quit and review them daily.

2) Set a specific day to quit, tell at least ten friends that you are going to quit, and then DO IT!

3) Find a safe substitute for your vice and go to it rather than what you are trying to quit.

4) Avoid situations where you associate your bad habit with.

5) When you need to relax, perform deep-breathing exercises instead.

6) Realize probably millions of other people have quit the habit you have. If they can of it, so can you!

7) Visualize yourself as successfully kicking your habit and imagine the increase in available money (if your habit costs money).

8) Join a support group. Make yourself part of a supportive team. Be accountable to a others, especially if they have already kicked their bad habit.

9) Each day, reward yourself in a positive way. Buy yourself something with the money you’ve saved, plan a special reward as a celebration for quitting.

10) Take one day at a time.

BONUS TIP: Learn to laugh!

Life is serious enough without you having to disrespect yourself. A simple technique I just thought of is to imagine the situation in question  with enormous time and distance between you and the problem. You might even give yourself some timely advice when you see the circumstances from the eyes of an extraterrestrial time traveller.

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