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I don’t necessarily like to label of being an ”alternative” medicine health provider, because that suggests that you’re not going to see me for your problems unless your “normal” physician route fails.

One of my patients this week came to me after going to the local big university hospital. After several tests and images, the various doctors and specialists determined that there was nothing they could determine that was the cause of the sudden sharp pains she would occasionally experience in her abdomen.

After a consultation and initial observations, I detected clear evidence that this patient had a misalignment mid-spine above the lumbar and the tell tale signs in her muscular imbalance that she has suffered from long-term impingement of the nervous system.

Although pain may be the main reason most people make a trip to the hospital, you don’t have to resort to becoming a drug addict on one hand, or an undiagnosed person who is experiencing real discomfort.

Long term use of anti-inflammatory drugs, for example, can provide relief from pain by reducing swelling, but there’s a cost to your body’s capacity to detox when those organs are stressed from working overtime cleaning your body from the drugs you are taking.

Fortunately, as a Licensed Acupuncturist, I am able to help the patient in a way that does not involve drugs and can help stabilize her condition. With a combination of therapies, including the personal attention offered through acupuncture, electric-stimulation, cupping, Chinese massage techniques, and dietary recommendations, it is possible to go a more natural route in maintaining ones daily performance.


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Blogger’s Note:  Acupuncture can also be used to detoxify by helping regulate body functions used to eliminate and process toxins. If you are a student studying for the State or National Boards , please consult your textbooks for official answers!


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