Ancient Fasting – Modern Issues

I was recently inspired to go back to the Old Testament to read what was written about healthy diets. This was prompted by my blogger-friend Erika Glenn when in her December 29th article “Promise Fast: Fasting For The Promises of 2014,” there is a link to a diet plan known as the Daniel Fast (Please go to her site via my link if you would like to learn more about the “Daniel Fast” and her amazing new blogsite


There’s so much on nutrition out there, I want to say, like fashion, there is nothing new, just things that have been forgotten and then rediscovered. In other words, while there are always new scientific research studies revealing yet another mind-blowing breakthrough from a much more sophisticated and incredibly expensive process using the latest technology, you can look back at the trials mankind puts its self through: the inevitable decadence that comes with overabundance then the sentimental reflection of how well served a peasant is with his diet of simple foods.

Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah. Source: "The Bible Story" (1955), Arthur Maxwell

Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah. Source: “The Bible Story” (1955), Arthur Maxwell

So let us take a brief look at an early version of a “fast” or what we call now a “cleansing” period by checking out:

The Book of Daniel, Chapter 1. In here we are introduced to the court of King Nebuchadnezzar (King Neb) of Babylon, who had just conquered Jerusalem and enslaved its population under Babylonian rule.

King Neb, desiring a few young nobles of Israel to serve in his court, invites Daniel and 3 others (Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah) to be indoctrinated into the Babylonian high court which included the rations of “the king’s choice food and … wine.”

Daniel and his friends, who apparently were educated in eating habits from both a health and spiritual point of view, were determined not to break their practices despite the threat of punishments which would result from disobedience to the king’s order.

Finding favor from God, Daniel is able to arrange a wager of sorts, allowing he and his friends to subsist on “vegetables to eat and water to drink” instead of the “rich foods and wine” the other students would be living on.

Long story short, Daniel and his friends are in better shape that their counterparts which the results clearly showed after 10 days. By taking that step of faith with boldness and courage, Daniel and his friends began their journey and life of great and miraculous blessing despite being in captivity in Babylon.

I’m neither a scholar of the Bible nor an expert on ancient Middle Eastern culture, so I am not going to be able to tell you exactly what was meant by “vegetable”, how rich the soils were, and so on and so forth, but there is clearly a health-mind-spirit connection with a proper diet. Some of the “out of body” experiences can be partially linked to biochemistry. Please see below.

Be Alert During Your Detox, Cleansing or Fasting Program

Aside from the health benefits, I want to advise my readers of the potential unexpected (or perhaps anticipated) effects of a detoxification program, in most cases, some of these symptoms must be tolerated in effort to successfully complete a properly conducted dietary detox, cleansing, or fasting program. Although these programs may vary in intensity, whatever they may be named, they all work toward ridding the body of junk that’s not supposed to be there and this can result in some minor and/or some powerful experiences.

1) You may likely experience fatigue.
By allowing your body to unload toxins which have been stored for, perhaps, years, you may feel fatigue within the first week.

2) You may experience intense emotional flashbacks
Often the storing of toxins in our bodies coincides with stressful experiences in our past. These emotions may resurface as the toxins are released. It is important to continue the detoxification program to expel these toxins so that they do not return into your body with a vengeance.

3) You may experience a period of skin rash-like symptoms.
This is another potential manifestation as the toxins stored in your body are excreted through the skin, a major organ for elimination.
Although most of your daily detoxification is conducted through your breathing, bowel movements and urination, release though the skin is always a possible course for the body. Do not suppress a break-out.

Of course, assess other symptoms should they be indicate anything other than a breakout.

4) Diarrhea during the first two days is not uncommon. After two days, seek advice from your administrator to avoid chronic diarrhea.

5) Constipation. Just like I advised before, to not be constipated before the start of a detox program, you do not want to get stuck during a detox program. Drink more water and ensure increase bowel moving foods like prunes and senna tea.

6) Bloating After Meals. Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before each meal. This will improve your stomach’s ability to break down your food and reduce bloating

Be forewarned and therefore fore-armed for your best experience.


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Note: I’m a 1/2 day late posting this article due to network problems!


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  1. Challen! First, thank you so much for the blog shoutout! I truly appreciate that my friend! Second, this is such a great post. I think you did an excellent of breaking down and explaining this passage to your readers. You also did a wonderful job of explaining the significance of fasting. The entire post is written in a way that both believers and non-believers can learn from without being intimidated by fasting or by scripture. Please continue to spread messages of health to others. You are truly gifted in that area. Your passion for health shines brightly through your writing my friend! I’m praying that God will continue to expand your reach in 2014 and build a larger platform for your work. God bless you!

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