Anti-Cancer Diet Kick Start: 3 simple tips

Simple approaches to design a detoxifying and anti-cancer diet.

Do you find getting started on a daily detoxification diet is difficult? Maybe you just need to keep on reading different ways of approaching the problem until you find one that clicks with you. You can get on the right pathway to a body that is toxic to cancer.

You heard me right, you can design a diet (and way of living) that is hostile to those little cancer cells that threaten to establish themselves and ruin your health and your life.

The best news is two-fold! Building an anti-cancer diet is not just a way to kick the ass of those little buggers, but will also yield improved energy and general health.

Here’s a suggested approach which I learned from Dr. David Servan-Schreiber in his book, “Anti-Cancer A New Way of Life”(2009). In it he suggests this simple approach to begin detoxifying (emphasis in bold added):

“1) Eat Sugar and white flour sparingly.
Replace them with agave nectar, acacia honey, or coconut sugar for sweetening and multigrain flour for pastas and breads (or sourdough bread made with traditional leaven).”

“2) Reduce consumption of red meat and avoid processed pork products.
The World Cancer Research Fund recommends limiting consumption to no more than 18 ounces (500 grams) of red meat and pork products every week – in other words, at most 4-5 steaks. Their ideal recommended goal is 11 ounces (300 grams) or less.”

“3) Avoid ALL hydrogenated vegetable fats – “trans fats”– (found in croissants and pastries that are not made with butter) and all animal fats loaded with omega-6s.
Olive oil and canola oil are excellent vegetable fats that do not promote inflammation. Butter (not margarine) and cheese that are well balanced in omega-3 may not contribute to inflammation either.”

OK, Have you started already?

If not, you can get started now. Write it down, you are getting started (or restarted)! Tell a friend, have them help you on you and cheer you along!

One more simple tip is to drink a couple of cups of nice fresh water first thing in the morning to get your day off to an awesome start! Wow, that’s easy. Keep those bowels moving!

As Jim Rohn, taught, “Things that are simple to do, are simple not to do… start the simple disciplines that will change your life for the better… start now.”

Did you discover something helpful here? I’d like to hear from you, leave a comment!

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2 Responses to Anti-Cancer Diet Kick Start: 3 simple tips

  1. jfindley1 says:

    Love this! And also love the theme of your blog. Especially in people with cancer, it’s crazy how many are unaware of the way diet can affect their condition- how their diet can kill off free radicals and deprive harmful cells of life. Keep up the good work- detoxify and balance that bodily pH, people!!

    • challenyee says:

      Hi Jessica,
      Thanks for your enthusiastic comment! It took me a few months to really figure this out that this is what this blogs was meant to stand for. You know, sometimes it takes time for people to really get the meaning (including me!). If you want a little more insight, I just updated my “profile” for more clues. Thanks again.

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