How Acupuncture works

Off The Cuff: Thoughts on Acupuncture
How it works from a layman’s point of view

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) origins go back to ancient history so the common lay explanation of how it works does not usually involve how it regulates hormones or nerve synapses, reduces inflammation or improves the circulation of blood and lymph fluids which are based on Western science and medicine.

In the modern day, TCM is a comprehensive system which offers several modalities to treat a patient, one of which is known as Acupuncture. Acupuncture involves inserting fine and sterile metal needles into the body. It is through the needle’s effects on the body’s natural energies and disease causing disturbances that restoring of the body’s own self healing functions can take place.

From the TCM viewpoint, what causes a disease state (or most anything you might see a doctor for) can be caused by External or Internal factors. Examples of External factors are trauma, exposure to toxins, poor diet, life stresses, and environmental influences. Internal can be constitutional weaknesses, the consequences of long term external factors, and the effects of unresolved emotions.

According to TCM theory, free flowing energy through the body’s normal energy pathways results in good health and any of the above External or Internal influences can obstruct the free flow of energy.

The ability of an acupuncture needle or set of needles orchestrated upon the body reduces  the disease causing obstructions so that the body can better return to its natural state of self-regulation and good health.


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Blogger’s Note: This article represents a renewed effort to post health articles on Acupuncture can also be used to detoxify by helping regulate body functions used to eliminate and process toxins. If you are a student studying for the State or National Boards , please consult your textbooks for official answers!


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  1. This is really interesting. So the needles change the way the energy flows? Opens up the energy flow? It’s something I would love to know more about. Thanks for sharing, Challen!

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