Detoxification: a 24-7 Routine

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your body stopped excreting and neutralizing the toxins being absorbed and created in your body?

Hmm… that’s obvious,  right? You’d get sick and die. How soon depends largely on your habits and environment.

The problem is, unless you try holding your breath until you start turning blue, the adverse effects of many of your habits will not get your attention until some real damage is done.

The body’s organs mainly responsible to eliminate waste are the skin, lungs, kidneys, liver and the intestines. Are you habitually taxing any of these organs with poor daily habits?

For instance, the lungs are responsible to remove about 80% of the waste produced by your body in the form of carbon dioxide, but do you keep your lungs in shape with some  mild aerobic exercise? Are you smoking anything?

Do you wear protective gloves when handling any kind of chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin? How about wearing clothing that is toxic, containing preservatives, plastics, cleaning chemical residue?

Are you drinking enough water to help the kidneys flush out accumulated toxins. Are you urinating when you feel the urge or are you always forced to hold it in?

The liver is the master controller for detoxification and yet most people end up bombarding it with drugs and pharmaceuticals and are not being guided to healthier and safer alternatives like proper eating habits and a healthy diet. I have heard that if a person is prescribed 4 drugs, the 4th one is highly likely being used to address the adverse effects of the first 3.

The intestines, like the kidney and bladder, need to be free of accumulated waste matter, otherwise irritation and inflammation of the lining, and reabsorption of toxins will result.


This week’s excerpt comes from Alejandro Junger’s CLEAN.

The Web of Waste

Inner waste is constantly being eliminated to ensure your survival. You probably know that:

If you don’t get rid of carbon dioxide, you asphyxiate.

if you don’t get rid of uric acid, you can develop gout and heart disease.

If you don’t get rid of homocysteine, from the breakdown of certain amino acids, you can develop Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

If toxins in general are not handled in a timely manner, your inflammatory system goes into overdrive.

If you don’t get rid of food debris, you can develop bowel disease- or at the very least, constipation.

On a subtler but still powerful level, if you don’t get rid of anger or anxiety, it can manifest as heart disease, cancer, and many other kinds of bodily injury.

Detoxification in a healthy human is an intricate web of activities, guided by natural intelligence.

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