Holistic Treatment for Lupus

I don’t direct link to many articles, but this one is for a friend who has a family member suffering from discoid lupus (see the link at the bottom).

Some of the highlights are (with some of my own commentary):

-using organic apple cider vinegar with the “Mother” to treat a scalp condition and also used as a primer for meals which I recommend to people mixed with some water to improve digestion.

-Using cooling herbs to “draw out” heat from lesion areas., including virgin organic coconut oil to draw out toxins without adverse smell.

-Be more conscious of sugar in the diet and minimize as sugar has strong dampness qualities.

-Drink enough water to help the body detox

-Usually heat in the upper extremities in the form of rashes have a wind and heat component so Acupuncture points can help along with internal herbal decoctions and external ointments.

-Stress is often Liver Fire, which can be source by anger and stress.


Check out these ideas from http://www.healingwell.com



Getting some fresh air is a nice detox routine

P.S. I realize I have not published a post in this blog since before my mom passed away in October 2017. Time flies my friends, time flies.

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