An Apple a Day keeps the COVID Away?

It turns out this old folk saying has some bite to it.

Regarding a recent study involving the nutrient Quercetin. I’ll just lay down one set of stats from the study, taken from the International Journal of General Medicine (study published 2021 June 24, Francesco Di Perro, et al), and that should be enough to get you ripe with curiosity.

The study was based on 42 COVID outpatients. 21 were treated with a standard treatment of pain-killers an anti-biotics and the other 21 were treated with the same plus quercetin (please refer to the study for the details). Here’s a summary after one week of treatment.

Out of 21 COVID-19 outpatients with a standard plus nutrient therapy applied, 16 patients tested negative for SARS-CoV-2 and 12 reported that all of their symptoms had diminished.

In the 21 outpatient control group, those only receiving the same standard therapy (pain killers and anti-biotics) only 2 patients tested negative and 4 reported partially improved symptoms.

So the question is, “Does an apple a day keep the Doctor away?”

One of the common natural sources of Quercetin is an apple, specifically, the peel of the an apple. So all of you people having to peel apples to get the toxic pesticides off them are really missing out of some of the best features of the fruit you choose to eat.

It does pay to eat organic, good soiled and clean air and watered fruits and vegetables to gain their maximum health benefits.

Another easy to find an enjoyable to eat source of quercetin are Red Onions and a less commonly eaten though plentiful and flavorful source of a prodigious amount of the nutrient are Capers.

Along the same lines, Zinc has been touted as an important mineral supporting strong immunity. Pumpkin Seeds are a good source of zinc.

It is critical to know that Vitamin C plays an major role in supporting your immune response, some of this can be taken in nutritional supplements, but it is best to have a steady diet of the natural foods like the foods mentioned above. An important compliment would be fresh berries that are high in Vitamin C and contain many other important nutrients which support your immune system and are balanced in an easy to digest form.

A note of caution, despite the natural health benefits found in many juices, it should be noted that is better to eat an orange, with a bit of the peel if you can handle it, instead of drinking straight OJ, IF you are drinking it to boost your immunity. The reason is, OJ has such a high sugar content (even though it is natural) that it actually weakens your immune response. This holds true for any food that is very high in sugar, whether natural or processed. Too much sugar will hurt your immunity.

So, if you are like, me and enjoy a glass of OJ once in a while, I do not drink a lot of it when I am fighting off a bug.

In Conclusion

The Quercetin Study’s Abstract opens like this, “... based on the potential antiviral role of quercetin, and on its described anti-blood clotting, anti-inflammatory and antioxident properties…

If you know the nasty ways COVID has been found to attack the human body, oh-yeh, you want to get some of that awesome wholeness protection in your regular diet.

As for the apples, get the kind you can eat the skin.

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