Cellphones: 9 ways to cut cancer risk

The cell phone has become a staple in the daily lives of the masses. It seems like we just can’t get away from them in the day to day pursuits of business and pleasure.


It may seem strange at first to read health warnings from everyday practices that are so ubiquitous, but the onset of such diseases have a way of being insidious, acting unseen, in a way Cicero described the treasonous interloper, “unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city.”

What evidences are there in this relatively new technology that indicate long term health risks by the introduction of daily doses of electromagnetic fields to your body?

In Anti-Cancer A Way of Life (Servan-Schreiber 2009), the author cites a published 2008 study called the Interphone Study which in its initial results confirms a few previous daily phone usage studies. Evidence indicates using a cellphone for over an hour a day for at least ten years doubles the risk of a tumor developing on the side of the head the phone is used.


Here are the nine advisories:

1) Except in rare cases, do not let children under twelve use cell phones. Growing organs, in children and in fetuses, are the most sensitive to the effects of electromagnetic fields.

2) During phone calls, try to stay as far as possible from the phone itself. At a distance of four inches (ten centimeters), the amplitude of the electromagnetic field is four times weaker; it is fifty times weaker three feet (one meter) away. As often as you can, use the “speaker” function, a regular headset, or even a Bluetooth headset, which will reduce the electromagnetic emissions of your cell phone by a factor of a hundred.

3) Keep away from people who are using their cell phones and avoid using yours in the subway, train, or bus: You’ll be exposing your fellow travelers to the magnetic field of your phone.

4) Avoid keeping a cell phone constantly on your person, even if it is on standby. Do not keep it close to you at night (for example, under the pillow or on your nightstand), especially if you are pregnant. You can choose the “airplane” or “offline” mode, which stops electromagnetic emissions.

5) Restrict your cell phone use to short calls. The biological effects are directly linked to duration of use. And it’s better to call back from a corded landline telephone: Cordless phones use microwave technology that is similar to that of cell phones and were recently incriminated in a Swedish study as possibly increasing cancer risk as well.

6) When you use your phone, regularly change the ear you use. And before you put the phone to your ear, wait for the other person to pick up the call. The electromagnetic field will become less powerful.

7) Avoid using your phone when the signal is weak or during rapid travel, as in a train or a car. Because the phone is constantly searching to connect with a transmission antenna, its power output will be at maximum.

8) Use text messages rather than calls. This will limit the duration of exposure and reduce proximity with the body.

9) Choose a phone with the lowest possible SAR. (The “specific absorption rate” measures the level of radio frequencies emitted by phone to the user.) Lists of the SAR levels of various brands are available on a number of Web sites.

Be advised.

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