I am going to offer you one more passage from the book “The Pharmaceutical Myth.”(www.thehealingbody.com). I am impressed by the amount of plain and dirty facts that point to the harm sustained medical drug use has on society. The author, Gerald Roliz, writes having a professional background in pharmaceutical sales. He goes into the common tactics he used  to gain favor of medical doctors before his conversion to a health-conscious Certified Nutritional Consultant.

As an “alternative” medicine practitioner, I often have to contend with a patient’s “safe” use of several prescribed drugs when they are highly likely the cause of many of their chronic conditions. A problem is the landscape is so full of people bound to drugs from, to use an engineering development term,  both “the front end and the back end”, it is hard for many to see what life would be like without them.

I have no legal power to recommend a patient refrain from taking their legally prescribed drugs and due caution must be used to avoid withdrawal symptoms should people decide to wean themselves off.

However, I can tell people to stop taking commonly used “illegal” substances or to stop using their self-medicating methods, I can say “Stop drinking yourself to death” or “Stop smoking, it’s killing you” or (now I’m going to be somewhat facetious) the FDA can say,  in BIG LETTERS, for example, on your vitamin C bottle “UNDER 12 YEARS OF AGE…CONSULT A PHYSICIAN BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT” (while allowing the prescribing all sorts of mind-altering drugs to children) and as we know, if it is in BIG LETTERS, it must actually be DANGEROUS but taking a load of pharmaceuticals is NOT DANGEROUS it is HEALTHY, right?

Can you detect a slight bit a sarcasm?

Without further adieu, let’s go to Roliz’s writing…

image credit/source: drmindbodyisin.com

image credit/source: drmindbodyisin.com

The very first book to clearly catalogue and explain the phenomenon of Drug-Induced Diseases was written by L Meyler and H.M. Peck in 1962. Before a scientific book is published, a significant amount of clinical data must be gathered. Therefore, allopathic medical doctors had known that pharmaceuticals cause diseases long before 1962.

Studies have documented the occurrence of drug-induced diseases since modern medicine began. The very first volume of Drug-Induced Diseases included nearly 200 pages of evidence. It underwent revisions and the fourth edition was published by 1968.

In 1964, two years after the first edition of Drug-Induced Diseases was published, Louis Lasagna revised the Hippocratic Oath. Was it mere coincidence that he removed the statement to avoid giving poisons to patients?

In the 1960s, allopathic medical doctors had the opportunity to make a moral decision to stop prescribing pharmaceuticals that cause withdrawal syndrome, side effects, liver damage, kidney failure and drug-induced diseases. Instead, they rewrote the sacred pledge all medical doctors make to society. Chapter One makes it clear that pharmaceutical drug therapies provide no realistic solutions to our society’s health problems. Even more unthinkable, they may actually be contributing to it.

In 2005, two pharmacists published an updated version of the book called Drug-Induced Diseases: Prevention Detection, and Management.

The authors, James E. Tisdale and Douglas A. Miller, thoroughly detail in 870 pages the multiple conditions and diseases patients can actually develop from specific pharmaceuticals. Only five years later, the second edition bloated to 1,110 pages with the inclusion of additional documentation. We can only assume future editions will be even larger.

It is now well documented that:
– Lupus Erythematosus [6 references]
– Hypothyroidism [10 references]
– Leukemia [6 references]
– Lymphoma [6 references]
– Breast, endometrial, bladder, skin cancers [6 references]
– and many more diseases can all be drug-induced.

In 1962. allopathic medical doctors and the medical establishment chose to bury that data from the public. They hid it like a repressed memory in the darkest corner of pharmacy school libraries to collect dust and be ignored. Medical doctors failed to read it and now more patients have developed additional diseases. These books are available everywhere with just a few clicks by searching “drug-induced disease” on the web. Multiple sources list the dangers of psychiatric, cardiovascular, cancer and osteoporosis drugs, among

(Thank you again, Gerald for your research and courage to step forward with your story).


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