New Personal Development Blog Coming 

It’s almost time,  I’m almost ready to launch my first post within the next 48 hours.

For those of you who are still reading my posts who were the personal and leadership development crowd, this will be good news.

Prepare for the launch of my new home-spun blog at, Liberating the Cubically Oppressed, where personal development with a focus on more satisfaction is the name of the game.


I will continue to feed with ideas for daily detoxification with an upcoming regular weekly post in the morning.

In the future, I plan to present is an interview with my sister who is recovering from  thymus cancer. So far she is beating it and the malignant turmor is receding without any indication of having metastasized. A big part of her recovery is related to changing her diet.

She has recently returned from a fun self-guided three week trip to Europe and so I hope to get some health and travel tips from her world for your reading fulfillment.


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