Point to Point Summary – July 18, 2015

Point to Point Summary 7-18-2015

by Challen Yee, L.Ac.

I am a Licensed Acupuncturist practicing in California since 2007. I am also certified nationally as Diplomate of Oriental Medicine and also licensed to practice in Hawaii. 

My ongoing theme in my Point to Point series is to explain in simple terms to help convey the application of acupuncture to the public and those who are largely unfamiliar with the ancient medicine.

For your convenience, I have summarized my recent and ongoing Instagram posts.



Best to follow me on Instagram if you want real-time updates for Acupuncture with minimum noise. I post to Twitter and Facebook from Instagram, but the other media venues tend to cover a variety of other non-health subjects.

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  1. Schöner Artikel! Danke .. Donny Paco Clarkin

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