Gold Star Bowel Movements

Hi, Everyone

This is my first blog post ever. It feels great! I have an idea to begin starting a discussion about good health as it relates to your bowel movements. Oh, yes, I have a passion for helping people to better health by getting their bowel movements in order. Let’s explore this topic together with some great health tips and some fun.

First let me introduce myself, my name is Challen Yee. In the health field, I am a licensed acupuncturist in California and Hawaii. My background is fairly diverse as it ranges from serving in the US Navy as a submariner and Navy Diver to working in the electronics industry creating mask designs for mainly memory chips, and lately, a Cub Scout Den Leader. I’ve been involved with a bunch of other stuff, and those things may have occasion to show up in this blog at some point.
Two of my main focuses in my health practice are nutrition and diet, so here we are… bowel movements are major key to being detoxifying the body and is a commonly overlooked indicator to how your body is performing.

At our house,we like to talk about the “5 star” or “Gold Star buck buck.”
Now “buck buck” is an affectionate term our family has used to denote either a bowel movement or the fecal matter product.

Are you commonly having at least two good buck-bucks per day?

Are they well formed?

Medium brown color?

Come out easily?

Float half ways up in the water?

Do you only need a modest amount of toilet paper to clean up?

If you can achieve a majority of these qualities on a regular basis, you are well on your way to the 5 star rating.

If you find you have been struggling. Some basic considerations would include, make sure you drink enough water. The general guide is half your body weight in ounces. I prefer water from a quality water purifier since we also want to minimize the toxins we introduce into our bodies. And try starting with 2 cups of water as one of the very first things you do in the morning to get your body jump started.

Another area to look at is the adequate consumption of a variety of vegetables. People are eating too much meat and too little veggies. Although I am not a vegetarian, just studying the subject of diet and nutrition has caused me to cut back a lot on my meats, alcohol, junk and processed foods. I would encourage you to go for organic produce. It’s true that the quality can vary but I’m all for less toxins, pesticides, hormones, genetically engineered and other mystery molecules going into my body.

There is a question I heard somewhere that goes, “If you had a million dollar race horse, would you feed it junk food, alcohol and make it smoke cigars every night?” I thought that was funny, but it sure begs the question why people don’t consider their own bodies as a finely tuned vehicle to live a vibrant and healthy life with.

Regarding eggs and meat, “humanely treated” or “pasture-raised” is considered even better than organic because of the likelihood that those animals were not “cooped-up” like sardines in their life and therefore more healthy. But if you are on a typical American diet, you need to seriously consider hauling back. Don’t worry though! You can have a strategy cut back in stages over time with good effect.

In terms of vegetables, I would bet that for most people, increasing their veggie consumption by 4 would not be out of the question as most people are eating 4 times as much meat as they ought to.

How these veggies are cooked is yet another subject and much of it should be eaten in a combination of cooked at low temp, raw, or in soups where the nutrients are retained in the water and not flashing off into the air. My wife teaches a cooking class where she exhibits how to cook chinese food without the high temp frying. Chinese cuisine is not heavy on raw vegetables, but cooking at lower temps without the oil is a major improvement over the oil splattering deep fat frying.

Diet and nutrition are not the only factors that will affect your buck buck. Managing stress is important (how many times have to opted to work instead of listening to that URGE to PURGE), Stress management may include some meditation, mild exercise, support groups, time with friends and family.

Supplements offer some benefits also, especially if you are like many who cannot achieve the perfect whole foods diet on a consistent basis. In general, you get what you pay for with supplements. It is best to stay with quality.

Hope this primer is enough to get some of you thinking.

Why bother with the technical terms?! Let’s get everyone on the road to their the BEST BUCK BUCK and, therefore, their best health!!!

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2 Responses to Gold Star Bowel Movements

  1. M says:

    That is the best “Buck Buck” advise ever

  2. challenyee says:

    Remember, “If you’ve got the urge, it’s time to purge!”

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