Help for Cystic Acne

Do you have a serious case of cystic acne that doesn’t respond to diet changes? Keep on reading, there’s alternative toxin sources that you may not have thought about.

I was concerned when hearing about of an acne case told by Dr. Ronda Nelson whose 14 year old son was suffering from a socially debilitating case of cystic acne.

The facial symptoms progressed over a six month period to the point where the cysts had gotten so severe as to disfigure the poor teen’s face.

The cysts were so swollen and grotesque, dad could not stomach being able to sit at the same table with his son to eat meals and mom… she hung in there! (hoo-yah!).

The quest to determine the source of toxicity proved to be very elusive. They determined his testosterone levels were very high which corresponded also with a muscular body development and, interestingly, an insensitivity to applied physical strength, such as when he poked his finger on people to get their attention, it caused and “OW!” pain to the pointee.

Dr. Ronda carefully eliminated possibilities in his diet and his environment and that brought no change… but..hold on…

Eventually she discovered his shampoo and body wash products contained DHEA. DHEA is a hormone that is normally constructed in the body as part of the pathway for testosterone.

It turns out, exposure on the skin on a daily basis caused a severe hormonal reaction resulting in abnormal body development and severe cystic acne.

What made solving this case so difficult is body care product manufacturers are not listing hormones as part of their ingredients! Their use is often unregulated in food, cosmetics and medical products in the United States.

European countries have much stricter controls over hormone-altering chemicals in consumer products (

You can refer to the website listed below for ratings on various body products to see how toxic your favorites are and if they may be giving you some extra “benefits” you can do without.

About your diet

Need to detoxify? It could be that diet changes and holisitic supplementation may not be enough to harmonize a body that is suffering from serious and chronic toxic overload.
In later posts, I will further explore some alternatives to pharmaceutical treatments have resulted in positive results and healing.

Please do not give up on your effort to improve your diet! I would give up on the known toxic products first while making sure you fulfill your nutritional needs.
Your diet is a baseline, a springboard, for all other toxins and diseases to build up in your body or to get cast out from it.

Always treat the root problem when it is known, don’t go for bandages that will only add to the problem and cause you to ignore a lifestyle is harming you and your future.

Like the sages have said, “If you are not intentionally working toward a goal, you will be drifting away from it [whether you intend to or not!].”


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