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One of the simple joys in life is getting back in touch with nature after a day in an office, like going into the garden, putting your feet on some fertile soil, smelling the strong natural scents and picking some lettuce and tomatoes  before dinner to make a salad.

I figured I’d share some ideas with you an easy recipe.

Today’s Tangy Dressing made on the fly was (all measurements approximations)

2 T                 organic apple  cider vinegar

2 ts                organic extra virgin olive oil

2 ts                organic minced garlic

1/4 ts            yellow  mustard powder

1 ts                 organic soy sauce

1 T                 minced organic roasted unsalted sunflower seeds

2 dashes      ground black pepper

After mincing, let the garlic sit out in air for at least 10 minutes before mixing or cooking for best nutritional value.

I’m out of onions, but if I had some red onion in the house, I’d sliver some for this recipe.

In traditional Chinese households, raw foods are not usually part of the daily menu. So in order to assist the digestion, chew your lettuce well.

Green lettuce is medicinally considered a “cool” or sometimes “cold” type food so to help balance a salad dish I like to add some warm ingredients like  pepper, ginger or mustard to the dressing.



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