Busted Doc Relationship – My Dental Story

About 10 years ago, I went to my dentist with a cracked filling on a lower premolar, a baby tooth that never got kicked out because the adult tooth never formed underneath. The tooth was suitably worn and a crown would be needed to fix the tooth. The tooth was not loose and there was no pain.
My dentist (the son of my original dentist whose office I had used for about 25 years, since my childhood) considered the situation and decided putting in a crown would be wasted and that I should have the tooth removed. He recommended an orthodontist for an implant.

I went to the orthodontist for a $90 consultation and after the wiz-bang technical talk I asked one question and that was, “Are there any possible adverse effects to getting an implant?”
The orthodontist managed to probably get half a breath in before he gave me his confident “none” for an answer.

That left me in a bind because I no longer trusted my dentist. I just wanted to get my tooth fixed.

My wife suggested I visit her dentist.
What was good about her dentist was that he is multi-skilled and he could do almost any dental or orthodontic procedure himself. What this allows for, from my experiences with him, was that he could give me an unbiased assessment of what procedure to use and the pros and cons of each.

More importantly, though, was his philosophy. He assessed the root strength as good (though there is some root deterioration), despite being shallow the old baby tooth still had two strong angled roots. And because of that,he recommended a crown for two reasons:
1) Keep the natural tooth for as long as possible. Because once you get an implant, that hardware is immovable.
2) Wait as long as possible because the price of implants would likely decrease and the technology would improve over time.

I had him perform the crown job. That was about 10 years ago, I still have that tooth and it still works fine.

I have never stepped back into my old dentist’s office.

Maybe you have a Busted Doc Relationship (BDR)  you would like to share, feel free to post a comment.

 I just ask that you keep the doctor’s identity anonymous and focus on the lesson(s) learned. 

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