Where Health and Leadership Cross Paths

Since health and nutrition concerns are often vastly different from leadership issues,  I am currently working a new blog which will focus on leadership development.

I will keep the current leadership articles here on BestBuckBuck but will later republish them on my next blog.

In the future, BestBuckBuck.com will only cover health and ChallenYee.com will contain my thoughts and concerns on leadership.

Having cited the potential chasm between two broad topics and a need for blog separation, now let me touch on a life transition where health and leadership issues cross paths.

The circumstances of my father’s death in 1996 from pancreatic cancer was one of those “when your life turns around moments” (Jim Rohn), but only looking back on the event after a career change and involvement with health, medicine and nutrition. At the time his death was, for me, a more of a when your life gets turned upside down moments.

Personal and leadership development are on a spectrum, if the one does not lead to the next, and to action, then it is only an exercise in vanity. May I add, action without personal and leadership development leads to mediocrity at best or, quite simply, disaster.

If the mustard seed of my humble ideas will take root and truly help one other person with transcending a serious crux then I can consider this blog exercise to have served its purpose.

Reflecting on the original light-hearted “buck buck” concept, I muse that every improvement in condition begins with a form of detoxification.

In regards to leadership development, I may have an effect on one person, but that one may affect thousands and in turn, may save a team, an organization, a system, or a nation.

Challen Yee

July 7, 2013

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