Good Buck Buck is essential for Detox

I wanted to follow up on my “flagship” buck buck theme with some thoughts about my approach to clinical nutrition.

As an acupuncturist I see a variety of patients, most people come to me with some kind of muscle weakness or pain issue. Yet in almost every case, there is an underlying dietary or nutrition problem that tends to be pro-inflammatory and yet another condition that benefits from general detoxification.

As part of the holistic strategy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I evaluate a patient’s diet and advise them to moderate excesses in what they are consuming while advising them to take deliberate steps to improve their diet.

Although I use food supplements as well as prescribe them for therapy,  as a first step, I recommend improvements in diet. 

The increased intake of clean water, whole organic foods, vegetables, fruits, raw nuts, and seeds and the decreased intake of meats, processed foods, diary, vice consumables (like most sodas, alcohol, tobacco and other burning materials) will have a natural detoxifying effect. The increased amount of fiber in a whole foods diet will naturally aid in the daily buck buck quality.

Sometimes, I prescribe patients to take a supplement of probiotics and/or dietary fiber complex, especially if a patient has just come off an anti-biotic or is experiencing chronic diarrhea due to depleted good bacteria in the colon.

Just a bit about fiber. Fiber, in general, has a regulating effect on the bowels among many other benefits, one of which is essential to aid the natural detoxification process by collecting excess sugars in the colon and attaching to bad cholesterols being released by the liver to be buck bucked out. Without that fiber in your colon, that bad junk is going to go back into your blood stream and that is not a good routine to get into.

I know in my own past experience and, I’m sure millions of others, we start taking a particular supplement without having any real understanding of their long the potential adverse effects. For example, I used to take a zinc supplement, because it has is reported to have a positive effect on fertility and also reducing stress. But hold on here! If you dig down into the research, zinc must be balanced by copper otherwise just increasing zinc will deplete copper and then your end up with diseases that result in copper deficiencies (like hardening of the arteries).

Okay, whoa, stop! The purpose of this article is not so much to go into the details of individual nutrients. Don’t start woofing down zinc-copper pills! No,no, no!… The key take away is very Taoist: everything affects everything.

Yes, Grasshopper, let’s just step back for a moment and agree. Everything affects everything. To varying degrees, of course, but I find this pattern holds true from diet, to building your skills,to the people you meet.

One look at the acupuncture system of points and their indications can confirm that our bodies are so complex, imbalances in one area cause problems in another.

Consequently, a deficiency or over abundance of nutrients out of balance will induce chronic disease ( I can write more about how the common food introduces imbalance later).

Going back to the buck buck, we want to see good regular buck buck as we begin changing our diets, because, as our diets improve and begin releasing stored toxins in our body, we MUST get rid of them, otherwise, we will get in worse health.

Now, buck buck is one way we naturally detox, the other common ways in through breathing and sweating. Breathing actually accounts for 70% of our ability to detox (makes you reconsider any by-products of burning substances you may be regularly introducing into your lungs) and buck buck 30%.

General rule, if you are not detoxing by buck bucking and breathing, the release of toxins will then try going through the skin or manifesting in skin symptoms. If you are not getting that junk out at all, they will store in the fats cells and/or the organs and that is bad joo-joo for your long term health.

So get some good foods into your diet, drink some clean water and let’s get productive on the can.



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