In Memory of the 30

There are times when the loss of someone causes you to live your life with an intentional vigor…

As though you’re living your life for them as though through their untimely loss, you have been handed a sacred privilege and, may I even say, duty to live your life with as much fullness as you can embrace.

Before the hour is up, this day being August 6, 2013, I wanted to pay my humble respects to the 30 men who lost their lives two years ago on this day on a battlefield in Afghanistan on a flight known as Extortion 17.


San Diego, CA

6 August 2013.

23:58 PST

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1 Response to In Memory of the 30

  1. challenyee says:

    I want to add that among the 30 men was 1 more warrior, a dog named Bart.

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