$5 per gallon? My pleasure!

Uh-oh….should have bought gas at the last town!

That’s what i was telling myself as i was driving for the first time through a desert area i was unfamiliar with.

Come on, this is the United States, a McDonalds on every corner…  Damn, I can’t believe the fuel gauge is on “E”.

Ten miles ago, i stopped at what turned out to be a ghost wreck of a pizza restaurant (in the middle of nowhere) and there was a gruff looking mama standing guard at a cyclone gate shouted out to yet another (me) hapless traveller, “The next gas is 12 miles up the highway!”

Now it was 11 miles and…. Nothing yet.

my gas gauge is silently saying… Even when you do nothing, you’ve taken a giant risk …  Actually, that’s politically correct for “You’ve screwed up!”

By this time, my awareness is totally peaked, my eyes glued to the gas gauge, the a/c off despite being over 90 degrees outside….  i hoped that gruff looking mama was an honest gruff looking mama!

… and then just like clockwork, the oasis of a Sign that says gas ahead appears! Followed by a gas station set like a little diamond in the desert setting.

Fear and anxiety transformed to elation and gratitude! $5.00 per gallon? Never more glad to be able to fill up!


Two thoughts come to mind.

Doing nothing (not buying gas earlier) can still entail great risk!

Emotions and anxiety can quickly transform given your power to master your perspective on a problem rather than be enslaved by the circumstances. Of course, serendipitous help is always welcomed!



Fyi, considering how painful it was typing this post on my small handheld device, i probably won’t be posting much while on the road over the next week. Make it a great week!


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