“If animals can do it, you can do it” How to get pregnant – Pt.1

“Dear Doctor, I am a 39 year old professional having problems getting my wife pregnant…”

Now that sure is NOT the quintessential letter to the doctor .

A respected herbalist I spoke with many years ago told me in his very Taoist way of explaining things, “If animals can do it so easily, you can do it.”

Well… looking back, I can see the wisdom of his very simple way of looking at things, but it’s a little difficult when you’ve had a lifetime of being out of touch with your natural chemistry.  Sometimes you could use a few  important facts about how the body works to get a better understanding to optimize your chances.

In my first post about constipation and bowel movements, I wrote about “when you feel the urge, you need to purge.” You could say, this is more like, “When you feel the urge, you need to merge.” or “Hey buddy, do you feel the urge anymore?”

If you are like many people out there, you don’t really research anything until you have to do it. Maybe you’re a highly driven professional and you’ve at the top of your career, but you’ve never bothered to learn the basics about how to get pregnant and all you’ve learned is what you’ve seen on TV or in the movies.

So I’ll get more into this subject when I get more time this week in a “getting pregnant for dummies” type of post.


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