Work with me

I enjoy helping people with their health problems and I would like to have more freedom to help people on an “as you can afford basis.” Although it takes knowledge and skill, Acupuncture is a portable and inexpensive modality, but only as inexpensive and far-reaching as I can afford time to leave my full time engineering job.

Yet I’m not just asking you for your help with nothing to offer you in return.

I want to ask you is, “Do you have similar concerns where extra income and more free time could help achieve some of your goals in life?” Maybe you’re just seeking a way to add some extra income to your finances, or possibly you’d like to make your current job an option rather than a necessity. What do you think?

I discovered a pretty cool way to make extra income and if you see it the same way I do we can create something special.

Check out my website follow the instructions there. If you like the introduction, then go to the “finder” and start at the “welcome” page for my commentary and more info. I look forward to chatting with you to see if it is a fit.

Don’t worry, there’s no surprise offers or mysterious links. No asking for your information or credit card. It’s all educational, informative and up to you to move forward.

Best Regards,


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