Work-Family-Balance: Blessing your Kids

Have you ever thought that while you’re pursuing your business goals you might be leaving your children behind somehow?

Most of us understand that money is not the most important thing in life, but “but it’s right up there with oxygen” (Jim Rohn).  We also sense that the most successful people have a synergy between their family life and their business life. That kind of success comes from a mature character.

I was inspired by a conversation on Family Life Today radio, when they were conversing about how children are most open to expressing themselves at bedtime, a time when children often feel most secure.

Bob Lepine, one of the hosts, described how his evening routine with his children was to leave them with a powerful, yet simple, blessing before before they went to sleep and that was:

“May you wake up with a smile on your face, a song on your lips and joy in your heart,” And the clincher is he would tickle them with the word “Joy.”

I thought that was so cool I think I want to adopt Bob’s tradition.

Maybe your children are not quite the right age to be tickled, but the idea is, spending a moment to speak with your children before bed and gifting them with a simple though meaningful blessing can be an important way to stay in touch with your family.

I’d love to hear your disciplines on how you are keeping your relationships strong with your kids while you are pounding out your business. Leave a comment!


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