Homemade Protein Bars



After a workout is the best time to get some quick protein, here’s a homemade way of satisfying that need without bogging yourself down with a meal or something too sweet.

I like to make my own protein bars to have after a quick mid-afternoon workout. This recipe is good for 4-8 bars, depending on how big a bar you want. Without dairy, they  can stay in good shape in the refrigerator for several days. I usually make them the night before a workout day but you could do them the in the morning as long as you can refrigerate them for at least a half hour.

I usually just take one bar to work per day for my afternoon workout (more of a glorified break). A typical workout consists of sets of pull-up variations, pushups,  sets of leg lift variations hanging from pull-up bar, back extensions, rowing and if I have more time I’ll do an aerobic lunge exercise  with bells and blow myself out. It’s an intense and quick workout which fits my current lifestyle.

Preparation time for this recipe is  about 10-15 minutes. No cooking or baking required. Just refrigeration afterwards to help it set.

What’s great about these bars is that I never get a nasty sugar overload and you’re getting just what you’ve decided to put into it. No mystery garbage ingredients.

The consistency of this particular recipe to not chewy but more light, slightly flaky and tasty. You can do your own variations but here’s what I did recently and since I ate one bar already , I can say it tasted pretty darn good and was satisfying. I’ll do a work out just to reward myself with one.


In a mixing bowl add these dry ingredients mix together

1 cup             uncooked oatmeal (any kind seems to work)

2 1/2 scoops (each scoop is 6 ts)  protein powder (I use non-flavored).

2/3 cup         dried cranberries

1/2 cup        roasted unsalted sunflower seeds

1/2 cup       dark carob chips

1T                black sesame roasted sesame seeds

1T               white roasted sesame seeds


In a separate cup or small  bowl, mix together (I do this step because I think it helps the smaller ingredients mix better).

1/3 cup       organic raw dark agave nectar

1/2 ts          vanilla extract

1/4 ts          ground cinnamon

1/4 ts          ground ginger

2 ts             organic fresh pressed virgin coconut oil (or peanut butter)


Mix the liquid into the dry stuff in the big bowl. At first you won’t think there will be enough liquid, but keep on mixing it and it will eventually infuse through the whole batch and make it a golden brown color.


Get 2 wax paper sheets (see photo) and put half the mixture on the center of each.

Now you can fold over the corners of the wax paper to wrap and contain the mortar-like ingredients.

Hand form them into square bars about 1/2 inch thick.

Keep them wrapped up, they should be like two flat and square bricks. Put them into a sealable plastic bag and store them in the refrigerator at least 1/2 hour.

I usually don’t take them out until the next morning to cut off a piece to stick in my lunch box.

Have fun!

What’s your favorite combination?


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  2. challenyee says:

    Thanks for checking out my post and pointing out other protein bar ideas!

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