The great teacher and mentor, Jim Rohn, spoke about the “Seasons of Life,” the cycles of life that we can anticipate and prepare for. They come and go, similar to how nature’s seasons turn from one to the next as each year passes.

He gave illustrations of how people often are deceived into procrastination by the thought of the number of productive years they imagine they have left in their lives to accomplish those goals.

Let me give some my own examples of what Jim might offer.

A man says, “I can go fishing with my son, well, not this year, I still have a good five years to make that trip before he grows up.”

Another may say, “I’ve got a good 20 years to start building my business, what’s the hurry?”

I believe, Jim would exhort in his unique manner, “No, you don’t have 5 years, and you, sitting over there, don’t have 20 years. Life runs in cycles of opportunities, and the best I can suggest is for you to look at 5 years as only have 5 more times to make that trip and that you (looking at the other man), if you are fortunate, only have 20 times left, not only to start your business, but to take advantage of the opportunities each economic cycle affords to grow it after you start.”

Every year at our house, I can’t help but be reminded of those cycles, at least in terms of nature’s cycles by the changing of the tree in the front yard when it goes from a barren mass in the Winter to leafy green in the Spring then filling its self with vibrant red flowers in Summer. In late June and early July, the flowers are their brightest and a joy to see (see the photo).

What kind of markers remind you of your own “Seasons of Life”?


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